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What are the best extra virgin olive oils?

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This statement is a reality. Any EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) awarded in any national or international contest is of exceptional quality and, therefore, is among the best olive oils. Let’s see why:

How do olive oil contests work?

Quality assurance

Choosing an extra virgin olive oil that has been recognized among the best in a contest is a guarantee of quality. Among many other things, it means that the company that obtains the award has had to work the product well. Not only the oil, but from the harvesting of the olives to the bottle.

Extra virgin olive oil is a very delicate product that has a “memory”, if at any point in the production process a mistake has been made, sooner or later it will show its face in the characteristics of EVOO and this oil will no longer be among the best.

Product categorization

Obviously, not all competitions have the same category, but they all compare and classify the product by its organoleptic characteristics, thus giving us some indications of the category in which they fall:green fruity, ripe fruity or medium fruity, among others. This can help the consumer to choose an oil without having to taste it.

In some competitions, in addition to classifying the oils, recommendations are given for their culinary use, which also makes the decision much easier.

Olive oils (EVOO) of extraordinary production

From the manufacturers’ point of view, obtaining different awards helps us to measure whether we are doing things right. Analyze the different results year by year. All the climatic and manufacturing factors. It’s all the details that help us find points where we can improve our product.

In addition, the awards serve as a letter of introductionfor the manufacturers. It is no longer the manufacturer who says that his oil is very good, but that a number of official tasters from outside the company have said that this oil is excellent. This gives us credibility and guarantee for our customers. Even more so if we are talking about clients from other countries, with less customary EVOO consumption and where these international recognitions give you the necessary visibility to initiate commercial relations.