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What is green or early harvest oil?

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Green or early harvest oil is the first juice extracted from the youngest, greenest olives or olives in veraison. It is a high quality oil obtained through a mechanical process of first cold extraction at less than 27ºC and, as we said before,from green olives from the early harvest.

The objective of this type of extraction is to avoid altering its flavor and properties, obtaining anoil with its maximum content of polyphenols and natural antioxidants beneficial to health. These first cold-pressed or, more correctly, cold-extracted oils are the healthiest extra virgin olive oils.

This early harvest product is characterized both by its more bitter and spicy taste and by its extraordinary aromas, flavors and nuances. These characteristics that achieve the fruity flavor are essential characteristics of the best extra virgin olive oils and are obtained thanks to the harvesting of green olives obtained during the early harvest in October.

Early harvest EVOO of the Nevadillo Negro variety.

Early Nevadillo Negro EVOO Previois the first juice of our Nevadillo Negro olives,still green, selected from the field and packaged quickly so that it does not lose any of its unique characteristics. Simply a delight for all the senses.

This AOVE Previo of the Nevadillo Negro variety, also known as green or early harvest oil, is originally from the Sierra de Montoro and is an ULTRA PREMIUM oil according to the standards of the International Olive Oil Council, highly recognized in the gourmet olive oil sector.

This gourmet EVOO is an exclusive oil, as it comes from the Nevadillo Negro variety, which is certified as of the highest quality. Our Nevadillo Negro EVOO has been awarded international prizes such as the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition in New York, the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition in Japan or the Evooleum Guide (Campaign 17/18: 94/100, campaign 18/19: 86/100 and 87/100 and this campaign 20/21: 88/100 points).

In addition, our product Nevadillo Negro is one of the most beneficial extra virgin olive oils due to its high level of olecanthal, as stated in the ARISTOIL project of the University of Cordoba.

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