Sikitita – MultiPack 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Variety: Sikitita

Hybrid variety of Arbequina and Picual totally new in the sector, recognized as a revolutionary variety, since its EVOO is magnificent. Created by the University of Cordoba and IFAPA, they have managed to solve the problems of the fat yield level of the Arbequina variety, and also the disease known as verticilium that affects the Picual variety. Its oil is exquisite and very complex. Ideal for lovers of sweet extra virgin olive oils who want to experiment with new and interesting tones. TRY IT

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Sikitita is a recently created variety of extra virgin olive oil. It comes from the crossing of two well-known varieties such as Picual and Arbequina olives. The name Sikitita comes from the small size of the olive tree plant. At the beginning and having a Cordovan origin (southern Spain) it was called Chiquitita, but it was soon realized that it was not a commercial name and it was modified to end up calling our variety Sikitita.

Tasting Form


Sikitita is a HIGHintensity fruity oil. , with GREEN tone . We find aromas of FRESHLY CUT GRASS, APPLE, BANANA, PEAR, TOMATO, FENNEL, VEGETABLES, ALMONDS.

It clearly marks its GREEN profile, where the Arbequina variety is predominant, with the organoleptic characteristics of the Picual variety remaining in the background. The positive attribute TOMATERA is perceived, which brings freshness to the oil.


In the mouth, it is an oil that has a GREEN entry with a MEDIUM level of fluidity, a SWEET attribute of MEDIUM intensity with soft touches of spiciness and bitterness that leaves a pleasant nutty finish.

It is a very balanced EVOO, complex as a whole and it is very interesting to note the fruit compote with light notes of fresh vegetables and spicy and bitter touches.

In the retronasal passage we again perceive GRASS, FRUIT COMPOTE, TOMATO, GREEN AND FRESH WOOD.Buy

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