Nevadillo Negro Temprano – 6 uds 500ml Virgen Extra

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[ 6 bottles of 500 ml. ]

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Variety:  Nevadillo Negro

Variety and EVOO very special and recognized within the sector. Considered one of the healthiest Extra Virgin Olive Oils that exist. Participating today in the ARISTOIL Project of the University of Cordoba and receiving praise every year for its analytical results and the large amount of polyphenols it contains. It is an oil of great balance and complexity due to the multitude of positive attributes it contains.

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The extraction of Nevadillo Negro Temprano is carried out exclusively by mechanical or physical means that do not alter the oil so that it retains its characteristic flavor and aroma. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers a peculiar bitterness and spiciness, due to its high content of polyphenols.

Tasting Form


Nevadillo Negro Temprano is an oil with HIGH fruity intensity, with presence of GREEN attributes. We find HERBACEOUS AND FRUIT aromas, reminiscent of RECIÉN CUT GRASS, GREEN MORERA, PINE AND GREEN PINEAPPLE.

Within the GREEN attribute, although the presence of GRASS is perceived, it is the LEAF that marks its profile. The positive attribute TOMATO is perceived, which brings freshness to the oil.


In the mouth, it is an oil that has a GREEN entry with a MEDIUM level of fluidity, the intensities in “bitter” and “spicy” are of MEDIUM level with a slight astringency.

The retronasal palate once again perceives GRASS, GREEN AND FRESH OIL, BAMBOO AND HINTS OF GREEN AND FRESH WOOD. Comprar







It is also interesting

EU experts have even recommended increasing the minimum daily consumption of EVOO by up to 10 times the recommended amount if it is EVOO of the Nevadillo Negro variety. We are talking about a natural source of health, derived not only for its antioxidant content as we have mentioned, but it is also very rich in Oleocanthal, a compound discovered by Dr. Beauchamp, who related extra virgin olive oil with the drug ibuprofen, a concern that arose thanks to the irritating itching sensation in the throat that he suffered when he tasted his first extra virgin olive oil in one gulp. He was able to demonstrate the anti-inflammatory power of EVOO, and attributed it to this molecule, to which he later gave his name.

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