Ecological – 6 pcs 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil


[ 6 bottles of 500 ml. ]

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Variety: Organic Coupage Family Selection

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is the culmination of the good work of many farmers in the Sierra de Montoro. It reflects in all its nuances the love and care that each of them brings to their olive grove. Pago las Monjas has a moral obligation to offer them the opportunity to obtain the best product at the end of this great work. Discover this blend that brings together all the flavors of the Sierra de Montoro in an exquisite and complex composition.

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Organic blend, family selection of the best EVOOs extracted in the mill. Our organic farmers in the Sierra de Montoro are increasing in number. The predominant varieties are Picual or Nevadillo Blanco and Nevadillo Negro. The struggle to make this type of olive grove profitable, most of it on a steep slope, makes them enter into this added value for their farms.

The Pago las Monjas team monitors and verifies that each organic farmer complies with current regulations. By doing so, the farmer shows us that he is, among other things, committed to preventing corrosion of sloping soils and helping to increase natural biological activity. Extraction takes place at the end of November and is carried out by mechanical means so as not to alter the aromas and flavor of the organic EVOO. A delightful Organic Coupage where the varieties are diverse, harmonious and rich. Purchase.

Tasting Form


EVOO with a MEDIUM fruity, with characteristics of Sierra Oils. Very marked GREEN attributes of the varieties. We find HERB AND ALMOND aromas, reminiscent of RECENTLY CUT GRASS, GREEN ALMOND, TOMATO AND FRESH GREEN LEAF.


In the mouth, it is an oil that has a SWEET entrance with body and a MEDIUM fluidity index, its intrinsic characteristics of “bitter” and “spicy” are very balanced with MEDIUM level and some astringency that persists over time.

In retronasal we perceive again HERB, ALMOND AND DRIY FRUIT SENSATION IN GENERAL. Buy

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