Arbequina – 6 pcs 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil


[ 6 bottles of 500 ml. ]

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Variety: Arbequina

Extra Virgin Olive Oil very delicate and rich. There are many lovers of this variety who enjoy its sweet taste with intense green fruity aroma. It is widely used by Chefs in confectionery, replacing the use of butter in their sweets. Its EVOO is very interesting and complex as a whole, ideal for lovers of sweet and fruity touches. Do not hesitate to try it

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Arbequina is a variety of Palestinian origin. Introduced in Spain in the 17th century by the Duke of Medinacelli. He lived in the castle of Arbeca (Lérida), hence the name Arbequina in honor of the municipality where he lived. It has become a claim for the production and consumption of early extra virgin olive oils. It ripens and is harvested early. Thanks to its morphology, its plant is ideal for hedge planting, which offers a very interesting reduction in harvesting costs. The Arbequina variety has a low fat yield and the extraction of its oil in the factory is complicated, losing a lot of oil in the process. It is extracted in November when the Arbequina olive reaches its optimum ripening point. Its fruit is small in size, mostly intense green and round. It usually gives an image to the start of the new campaign.

Tasting Form


Arbequina November is an oil with MEDIUM fruit intensity. , with presence of GREEN attributes. We find fruity aromas, such as fruit compote,banana, pear and apple in a medium ripeness, green almond very marked.


In the mouth, it is a clean, sweet and enveloping oil of GREEN tone with a HIGH level of fluidity, the intensities in “bitter” and “spicy” are almost inappreciable, being a very interesting EVOO as a whole.

In the retronasal passage we perceive again ALMOND, VEGETABLE TOUCHES, GREEN APPLE Buy

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