Olive oil tourism


Oleotourism in Finca Las Monjas

What is olive oil tourism?

Olive oil tourism or olive grove tourism is a rural tourism activity carried out in the municipalities of the Mediterranean basin dedicated to the olive sector. Oleotourism allows you to get to know the olive sector, capturing the essence of the culture surrounding the olive tree. Olive oil tourism combines history, culture, nature and gastronomy in unique places to spread the way of life that surrounds the olive grove and olive oil.

Olive oil tourism in Montoro

Many of these unique places are located in Montoro, between the Guadalquivir valley and the countryside, and at the foot of Sierra Morena. Montoro is a city of contrasts, with origins that date back to prehistoric times and a present that incorporates modernity.

Montoro is a white balcony over the Guadalquivir, adorned by the reddish that imprints the so-called molinaza stone of its most notable buildings and the pinnacle of the olive grove that surrounds it, inhabited by expert leather craftsmen, master blacksmiths and beekeepers.

Oleotourism with Pago Las Monjas

Montoro is also home to the Pago Las Monjas oil mill, which is considered to be the most important Best Olive Oil Mill in Spain by AEMO in 2018, where you can discover the world of olive growing and olive oil technology through an unforgettable sensory experience, tasting one of the most internationally recognized Extra Virgin Olive Oils: Nevadillo Negro. Nevadillo Negro is an Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, meeting the highest standards of the international olive oil society and recognized by international awards such as the Evooleum Guide or the World Olive Oil Competition in New York.

Almazara AOVE

The Pago Las Monjas olive oil tourism activity is totally personalized so that the user enjoys the best experience. We strive to enrich the culture of the olive grove and extra virgin olive oil, so we are always happy to show the processes for obtaining EVOO from the olive grove to the bottle, as well as the olive trees, the factory, our historic mill from the year 1754 and, of course, our extra virgin olive oils.

Some of the most popular activities are: 

  • Fruit picking and/or visit to the olive grove.
  • Visit to the oil mill.
  • Tasting during the day.
  • Night tasting under a stellar blanket.

Visit the Best Olive Oil Mill in Spain

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