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Nevadillo Negro, our autochthonous variety

native variety

The native variety of Montoro, Nevadillo Negro, generates a great demand for its extra virgin olive oils abroad thanks to the great health value of its physicochemical properties. Its high content of healthy bioactive compounds, such as squalene, oleic acid, sterols, polyphenols and tocopherols, as well as the Vitamin E provided by the consumption of its EVOOs make it a very interesting variety to know.

montoro adamuzOf the phenolic compounds, the most recognized today are polyphenols, natural antioxidants that give extra virgin olive oils the healthy label.

The Nevadillo Negro variety bases its differentiation and uniqueness on being at the head of the existing olive varieties worldwide with the highest index of Polyphenols. We could say that it is one of the healthiest varieties that exist (supported by studies of the University of Cordoba).

EU experts have even recommended increasing the minimum daily consumption of EVOO by up to 10 times the recommended amount if it is EVOO of this variety. We are talking about a natural source of health, derived not only for its antioxidant content as we have mentioned, but it is also very rich in oleocanthal, a compound discovered by Dr. Beauchamp, who related extra virgin olive oil with the drug ibuprofen, a concern that arose thanks to the irritating itching sensation in the throat that he suffered when he tasted his first extra virgin olive oil in one gulp. He managed to demonstrate the anti-inflammatory power of EVOO, and attributed it to this molecule, to which he later gave his name.


It is also worth mentioning the great contribution of the Predimed study. This study demonstrates the healthy properties of the Mediterranean diet. The study is based on demonstrating the reduction of cardiovascular diseases in subjects who base their diet on the consumption of extra virgin olive oil, legumes, fruit, fish, nuts, meats, vegetables, etc., and all in a balanced way.

We know that the use of EVOO is the basis of any of the dishes of this diet, and the use of Nevadillo Negro EVOO (the healthiest) will be the best seasoning for our dishes. This study, in just a few years, showed that in approximately 7,000 voluntary users, the risk of suffering from these diseases was reduced by a little more than 30%, a great success for the objectives of the study.

We must not confuse the varieties, Nevadillo Negro, which is a native variety of the Montoro-Adamuz mountain range, with Nevadillo Blanco. The second variety is the name given in our mountain areas to the variety commonly known as the Picual variety. Go to top