Finca Las Monjas

Pago Las Monjas is a family project located in a place in the Montoro mountain range called Finca las Monjas. This is a place where, just by entering its 65 hectares of olive groves, we can feel the milling tradition that has permeated this land since 1754. Olive grove that produces olives of the Picual variety that give a unique and exclusive flavour to our oils. Its high polyphenol content gives the oil a characteristic bitterness and spiciness and excellent stability against oxidation.

The know-how and attentive care of the olive tree has been maintained over time, renewed by the incorporation of the latest techniques, to provide us with oils with important healthy attributes.

Our dedication, effort and enthusiasm are always aimed at offering  top quality extra virgin olive oils.. Extra virgin olive oils are carefully handmade, following the highest quality standards, harvesting the olives at their optimum moment of ripeness, extracting the juice when cold. (T<27º) by mechanical means and always on the day of harvesting. In this way we guarantee the preservation of all its sensory and healthy qualities, as well as its high nutritional value, and we package it in a way that preserves every nuance and every attribute.