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What is green or early harvest oil?

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Green or early harvest oil is the first juice extracted from the youngest, greenest olives or olives in veraison. It is a high quality oil obtained through a mechanical process of first cold extraction at less than 27ºC and, as we said before,from green olives from the early harvest.

The objective of this type of extraction is to avoid altering its flavor and properties, obtaining anoil with its maximum content of polyphenols and natural antioxidants beneficial to health. These first cold-pressed or, more correctly, cold-extracted oils are the healthiest extra virgin olive oils.

This early harvest product is characterized both by its more bitter and spicy taste and by its extraordinary aromas, flavors and nuances. These characteristics that achieve the fruity flavor are essential characteristics of the best extra virgin olive oils and are obtained thanks to the harvesting of green olives obtained during the early harvest in October.

Early harvest EVOO of the Nevadillo Negro variety.

Early Nevadillo Negro EVOO Previois the first juice of our Nevadillo Negro olives,still green, selected from the field and packaged quickly so that it does not lose any of its unique characteristics. Simply a delight for all the senses.

This AOVE Previo of the Nevadillo Negro variety, also known as green or early harvest oil, is originally from the Sierra de Montoro and is an ULTRA PREMIUM oil according to the standards of the International Olive Oil Council, highly recognized in the gourmet olive oil sector.

This gourmet EVOO is an exclusive oil, as it comes from the Nevadillo Negro variety, which is certified as of the highest quality. Our Nevadillo Negro EVOO has been awarded international prizes such as the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition in New York, the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition in Japan or the Evooleum Guide (Campaign 17/18: 94/100, campaign 18/19: 86/100 and 87/100 and this campaign 20/21: 88/100 points).

In addition, our product Nevadillo Negro is one of the most beneficial extra virgin olive oils due to its high level of olecanthal, as stated in the ARISTOIL project of the University of Cordoba.

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Previo – AOVE Temprano

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EVOO Properties

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The properties of EVOO or Extra Virgin Olive Oil make its consumption very beneficial for our health. So much so that numerous studies have confirmed that extra virgin olive oil offers protection against free radicals (responsible for the increased risk of disease) and cellular aging.

What is EVOO

Extra virgin olive oil

Virgin olive oil is thejuice extracted from olives by mechanical processes such as centrifugation or pressing. On the other hand, extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality category of olive oil.

EVOO Properties

The properties of EVOO or Extra Virgin Olive Oil make it our perfect ally.

What are polyphenols?

Polyphenols are one of the most important compounds in extra virgin olive oil. These naturally occurring compounds help to eliminate substances that favor the proliferation of cancer cells. According to some studies, the consumption of 10 grams of extra virgin olive oil could reduce the risk of breast cancer by 45%. The European Commission itself certified the designation of origin of Montoro Adamuz for, among other reasons, the high polyphenol content of the oils from this region.

In fact, research projects such as ARISTOIL, from the University of Cordoba, Spain, are based on the fact that:

“The phenolic compounds make the difference between a higher or lower quality oil. They are responsible for giving this product its healthy properties and, due to their antioxidant effect, their daily consumption is a barrier against cardiovascular diseases.

Only virgin or extra virgin oils are rich in these compounds, since the refining process eliminates most of them. The European Union included them in its list of Authorized Health Claims for foods and allows them to be labeled on packaging as long as they exceed a concentration of 5mg per 20g of oil. For this reason, the production community is considering pro-moving the content of these phenols as a measure of quality and including the amount of these phenols or the health effect they produce on product labels.”

Our extra virgin olive oil Nevadillo Negro, for example, is participating in this project due to its very high polyphenol content.

Nevadillo Negro Temprano – 6 uds 500ml Virgen Extra


EVOO benefits

The properties of EVOO make extra virgin olive oil anti-inflammatory, protective and stimulating; therefore, it is beneficial for our organism.

For example, it helps the pancreas to produce greater amounts of digestive enzymes; but also the cestifelea, which helps to pour bile into the intestine; and the mucosa that lines the inner surface of the stomach and intestines. It also acts on the liver for increased bile production, as well as acting as a protector against gastritis and gastric ulcers. It also defends the body against skin disorders and even the nervous system.

Other benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EVOO or Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used for the following purposes to heal the skin from burns and protect it from solar radiation;it is also particularly suitable for infant nutrition due to its acidic composition, which makes it very similar to the fat composition of breast milk.

In addition, it is indicated both for its easy digestion and for stimulating gastronomic secretions, preparing the body for better digestion, better absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and, consequently, better absorption of calcium. Protects the mucous membranes of the stomach.

It has a regenerating effect on the skin, which protects it against the appearance of wrinkles and is essential for the prevention of degenerative diseases. It also allows high absorption of vitamins, particularly vitamin E, and is a source of energy for growth. Stimulates bone mineralization and the assimilation of mineral salts of primary importance in the elderly and children.

It acts positively in diseases of the biliary tract by stimulating secretions; it ensures the body the right amount of linoleic acid, performs a regulating action of peristalsis in the intestine, which can be advantageously used in both atonic constipation and spastic constipation of irritable bowel, and is indicated as a laxative, especially in cases of atonic constipation. Of course, it reduces the risk of myocardial infarction, because it tends to lower blood cholesterol levels, protecting the arteries and increasing the fraction of good HDL cholesterol. It also prevents coronary heart disease.


Extra virgin olive oil is composed of vitamins K, A, E and D, carotenoids and phenolic compounds that have antioxidant properties and consequent positive protective effects on the human body.

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What are the best extra virgin olive oils?

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This statement is a reality. Any EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) awarded in any national or international contest is of exceptional quality and, therefore, is among the best olive oils. Let’s see why:

How do olive oil contests work?

Quality assurance

Choosing an extra virgin olive oil that has been recognized among the best in a contest is a guarantee of quality. Among many other things, it means that the company that obtains the award has had to work the product well. Not only the oil, but from the harvesting of the olives to the bottle.

Extra virgin olive oil is a very delicate product that has a “memory”, if at any point in the production process a mistake has been made, sooner or later it will show its face in the characteristics of EVOO and this oil will no longer be among the best.

Product categorization

Obviously, not all competitions have the same category, but they all compare and classify the product by its organoleptic characteristics, thus giving us some indications of the category in which they fall:green fruity, ripe fruity or medium fruity, among others. This can help the consumer to choose an oil without having to taste it.

In some competitions, in addition to classifying the oils, recommendations are given for their culinary use, which also makes the decision much easier.

Olive oils (EVOO) of extraordinary production

From the manufacturers’ point of view, obtaining different awards helps us to measure whether we are doing things right. Analyze the different results year by year. All the climatic and manufacturing factors. It’s all the details that help us find points where we can improve our product.

In addition, the awards serve as a letter of introductionfor the manufacturers. It is no longer the manufacturer who says that his oil is very good, but that a number of official tasters from outside the company have said that this oil is excellent. This gives us credibility and guarantee for our customers. Even more so if we are talking about clients from other countries, with less customary EVOO consumption and where these international recognitions give you the necessary visibility to initiate commercial relations.

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Extra Virgin Unfiltered

unfiltered extra virgin olive oil

A very common question among consumers of extra virgin olive oil is: Which oil is better, filtered or unfiltered?

The first thing we have to understandis, what is extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil, hereinafter EVOO, is a natural product that comes directly from the olive. We could consider it olive juice, which, like natural orange juice, depends on the fruit being healthy for the result to be exquisite.

How is EVOO extracted?

Extra virgin olive oil is considered as such when the product comes directly from the olive and only by means of mechanical procedures.

Unfiltered EVOO is simply that olive juice without any treatment.

What are the processes to obtain Extra Virgin Olive Oil WITHOUT FILTERING?

There are two different processes for obtaining unfiltered extra virgin olive oil.

The first one is obtained just after the cleaning of the vertical centrifuge, a mechanical and instantaneous way of separating the water from the extra virgin olive oil. The second one is by decanting chain, it is left through several communicating glasses that by density and decanting, worth the redundancy, the impurities are eliminated in the first glasses and when leaving the last glass we will obtain the extra virgin olive oil without filtering for its bottling.

This gives the EVOO an intense green, cloudy and dense aspect that we EVOO lovers like so much. This magnificent characteristic is due to its chlorophyll content, natural humidity and micro-impurities from the fruit itself. As time goes by, with the rise of environmental temperatures, this turbidity will end up deposited at the bottom of the container, leaving the EVOO clean and with a putty at the bottom of the container, which is called “posos” (dregs).

Process for FILTERED Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

filtered extra virgin olive oilThe filtering process is carried out through cellulose (paper) plates through which the unfiltered extra virgin olive oil passes and these plates trap moisture and micro-impurities leaving the oil shiny and clean allowing the EVOO to maintain its quality (provided it is well preserved in a cool, dry place) for much longer.

Remember that in the filtering process neither flavors nor aromas are lost. Density and some green color are lost. A good filtration should not vary neither the quality nor the composition of the original unfiltered EVOO.

Sometimes, even when filtered, it may present some turbidity and should be removed after a short period of time or when the ambient temperature rises a little.

Is it better to buy unfiltered extra virgin olive oil or filtered extra virgin olive oil?

It depends a lot on the consumption habit and it must be taken into account that the quality does not influence this concept as long as we are talking about extra virgin olive oil.

If you like fresh unfiltered oil, take advantage of acquiring it at the beginning of the season when the mills begin to market it. Choose medium and small mills where the processes are very careful and the cleanliness is maximum. This is how you will be able to taste fresh and unfiltered extra virgin olive oils, the richest that olives can offer you. This is how we do it in our Pago las Monjas olive mill to elaborate ourextra virgin olive oil “Previo”. An incredibly healthy, natural oil, obtained from a selection of our early oils harvested to obtain a surprising aroma and flavor.

Buying with the consumption period in mind

They are not EVOOs to buy for the whole year because, as mentioned above, when ambient temperatures rise, the unfiltered EVOO will decant and accelerate the oxidation process that occurs when vegetable matter, temperature and humidity come together at the bottom of the container.

The recommendation is to calculate the consumption of this unfiltered EVOO over a period of no more than 6 months from the time of purchase and store it in a cool, dry place without sudden changes in temperature.

For the rest of the year, it is recommended to buy filtered EVOO. Filtered and well preserved EVOO can maintain its quality for up to 18 months (Picual variety) after bottling.

Taste differences between filtered and unfiltered extra virgin olive oil.

Being the same olive juice the one that is filtered and the one that is not, there does not have to be so much difference. It is true that some of the flavor, provided by those micro-impurities and moisture, is lost in the filtering process. The sensation of density in the mouth that unfiltered extra virgin olive oil offers us can only be offered by it.

The important thing is that it is an EVOO from the months of October, November or at the latest mid-December in order to enjoy a delicious product with all its organoleptic and healthy values. Whether it is filtered or unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, its flavor and composition will depend mainly on the olives being healthy, carefully harvested, transported and transformed quickly so as not to lose any of the fruit’s original values.

Health properties of filtered and unfiltered EVOO

It is clear that unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is a product to be consumed quickly, its content in polyphenols, oleocathal, Tirosol and other chemical parameters, make that the health value of extra virgin olive oil does not depend on the filtering. Some residual part of these parameters may be eliminated in the filtering process, but it is not representative to consider that filtering makes an oil healthier than an unfiltered one.

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Torrijas with honey in the Sierra de Montoro style

tostadas de pan con miel torrijas e1555612617248

For the preparation of this delicious typical Easter recipe such as Torrijas with honey from the Sierra de Montoro, we will use the best products of our land, honey and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


For the Torrijas with honey we need:

  • Bread Bar
  • Powdered sugar and cinnamon
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Lemons
  • Extra virgin olive oil from the Sierra de Montoro.

For the syrup we need:

  • Honey from Montoro.
  • Water
torrijas de la sierra de montoro


  1. Cut the bread into thick slices, about 2-3 centimeters.
  2. Boil the milk with a couple of cinnamon sticks and lemon peel. Once the milk has boiled, set it aside. Once the milk has boiled, set it aside.
  3. We put to heat in a frying pan or medium saucepan plenty of extra virgin olive oil from Montoro, and then fry the pieces of bread.
  4. Soak the bread slices in the hot milk soaked with the cinnamon and lemon peel, drain, dip in beaten egg and fry in oil.
  5. Drain the slices on paper towels to release excess oil.
  6. Previously, we have prepared a mixture of sugar and cinnamon powder. The proportion will be according to the taste of each consumer. Dredge the bread, still warm, in the mixture and place the torrijas in a serving dish. The proportion depends on the taste of each consumer. Coat the bread, still warm, with the mixture and place the torrijas in a serving dish.
  7. Finally, prepare the honey syrup from the Sierra de Montoro, using a ratio of 1 honey to 0.5 water and drizzle over the torrijas. This syrup prevents the torrijas from drying out and helps to preserve them for a longer time. This mixture prevents the torrijas from drying out and helps them keep longer.

We recommend straining the oil every two or three fryings, since the egg with which we batter the torrijas burns in the oil and can add a bad flavor to our recipe. To avoid that the egg makes “threads” in the oil, you can add a little water. To prevent the egg from making “threads” in the oil, a little water can be added.

Homemade recipe of Torrijas with honey from Sierra de Montoro
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Nevadillo Negro, our autochthonous variety

recogida aceituna e1555612595368

The native variety of Montoro, Nevadillo Negro, generates a great demand for its extra virgin olive oils abroad thanks to the great health value of its physicochemical properties. Its high content of healthy bioactive compounds, such as squalene, oleic acid, sterols, polyphenols and tocopherols, as well as the Vitamin E provided by the consumption of its EVOOs make it a very interesting variety to know.

montoro adamuzOf the phenolic compounds, the most recognized today are polyphenols, natural antioxidants that give extra virgin olive oils the healthy label.

The Nevadillo Negro variety bases its differentiation and uniqueness on being at the head of the existing olive varieties worldwide with the highest index of Polyphenols. We could say that it is one of the healthiest varieties that exist (supported by studies of the University of Cordoba).

EU experts have even recommended increasing the minimum daily consumption of EVOO by up to 10 times the recommended amount if it is EVOO of this variety. We are talking about a natural source of health, derived not only for its antioxidant content as we have mentioned, but it is also very rich in oleocanthal, a compound discovered by Dr. Beauchamp, who related extra virgin olive oil with the drug ibuprofen, a concern that arose thanks to the irritating itching sensation in the throat that he suffered when he tasted his first extra virgin olive oil in one gulp. He managed to demonstrate the anti-inflammatory power of EVOO, and attributed it to this molecule, to which he later gave his name.


It is also worth mentioning the great contribution of the Predimed study. This study demonstrates the healthy properties of the Mediterranean diet. The study is based on demonstrating the reduction of cardiovascular diseases in subjects who base their diet on the consumption of extra virgin olive oil, legumes, fruit, fish, nuts, meats, vegetables, etc., and all in a balanced way.

We know that the use of EVOO is the basis of any of the dishes of this diet, and the use of Nevadillo Negro EVOO (the healthiest) will be the best seasoning for our dishes. This study, in just a few years, showed that in approximately 7,000 voluntary users, the risk of suffering from these diseases was reduced by a little more than 30%, a great success for the objectives of the study.

We must not confuse the varieties, Nevadillo Negro, which is a native variety of the Montoro-Adamuz mountain range, with Nevadillo Blanco. The second variety is the name given in our mountain areas to the variety commonly known as the Picual variety. Go to top